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Born by a project of research and development dedicated to the sector of fashion and thanks to the collaboration with a team of stylists/creative with the objective of the realization of fashion exclusive and inimitable article , among our proposals we introduce :

Tecnokutter the only machine that succeeds in engraving the leather according to the desired draw. Our machine can work a vast range of materials among which: finished leather, wet blue leather, crust leather, leather with long and short hair, furs, fabrics and textile materials. Tecnokutter is the correct choice for the tannery industries that want to have an innovative and vanguard product; it allows to whom uses it to get products to the fashion able to favour fancy and creativeness. Tecnokutter can engrave on every type of skin and on every thickness, it can dig to every depth and it is available in various dimensions. It is able to create drawings on the skin and to get a suede background or to create drawings in suede on background skin. It is equipped with function test that allows to perform tests to various incision depths without damaging the leather or the materials used. Besides the drawings it is able to create effects, tones and geometric backgrounds. Appreciated is its use in the field of the textile in fact, with the special kit, Tecnokutter is able to engrave in continuous cycle.

At side see the picture with some details of leather engraved by the best tanneries.



In the picture can be appreciated some articles created with Tecnokut.
To notice the various types of used hides as suede, skins with long hair, skins with short hair, pigmented skins etc. besides the tannery sector Tecnokut is appreciated in the textile where it has been used in various workmanships.

The first one of our special prototypes dedicated to the innovation is Tecnokut, the machine able to carve the leather parallelly to different depths of cut and varied distances. Thanks to its software can effect carvings to repeatable forms to the endless one or creating a form of endless length with a simple planning that the client can autonomously insert at his discretion. It can vary the depths and the cycle of the cuts transferred on the leather and this do it an unique machine to the world that return an innovative and modern product. The excellent precision of grinding blade brings on the leather engravings light or deep but imperceptible to the touch also maintaining intact the hide's resistance. Accordingly grazing contrarily the carved hide is possible to put in prominence tonality of different backgrounds or colorations tone on tone, or any other varying that the fancy of a creative firm knows how to give. Also Tecnokut satisfy very well the strong application of the tannery industry that wants to emerge from the monotony of the usual articles and proposing articles highly innovative.

Among the various articles created with Tecnokut coupled with other techniques of finishing stand out the Rollskin which won prize at Asia Pacific Leather Fair 2007 as the best innovative hide.
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