spare parts

Exploiting our decennal experience in the field of the tannery machines and of the reblading, brought by the search of a product at the top we created a department dedicated to the production of blades for shaving, fleshing, samming and setting out machine and staking machines, besides splitting blades. About shaving blades we are able to furnish two types of it: orange and blue. Both are the best blades that we have ever used, they have a hardness to the limit of the possible that gives an incomparable cut precison. The same geometry and inclination of cut are used for both type, the only difference between orange baldes and blue blades is the percentage of metals used in the composition of the alloy for its construction. You can choose the most suitable for your need. Besides using our grinding stones we guarantee the best result on the leather of every type and thickness and a greater duration of the same blade.

The felshing blades are built following the shrewdness and the precision used in the construction of the shaving blades, besides thanks to the increased thickness you'll be able to flesh with precision and reliability.
The construction stainless steel blades normally used for samming and setting out machines, samming machines, combined machines, sole-leather setting out machines, scudding machine and staking machines have been our first adventure and thanks to the experience matured in the years we have reached a qualitative standard highly appreciated with competitive prices. Using our Italian certified stainless steel and our mastery in blades construction we furnish a very good product available in the types: with or without sharpening, undulating, sharpening/undulating. For specific information or details about the shrewdness to hold, you can contact us.
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